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Institute of Power Engineering Ceramic Department CEREL. It has been functioning since 1972. CEREL is located in Boguchwała near Rzeszów.


In the structures of Ceramic Department there are two units:

1. Ceramic Engineering Plant composed of: Laboratory of Testing Raw and Ceramic Materials as well as Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Material Laboratory.

2. Prototype Plant including Start-up & Experimental Production Department, which is supported by Technological and Constructional Lab.

Our activities are concentrated on research of traditional, modern and advanced ceramic materials as well as on manufacturing broad range of products out of majority oxide ceramic materials.

Having our own research department allows us rapid implementation of modern ceramic materials and new products.

CEREL specializes in precision machined alumina and zirconium elements of machines and devices.

Our products are successfully used in many branches of industries, such as: power, motorization, metallurgy, chemical, aeronautics, arboreal, and many others.

Our goal is to gain domestic and foreign trade partners, who are interested in applying ceramic high wear resistant parts in their machines and equipment.

We have innovative technical potential and highly qualified staff, which allows us to develop and carry out professional scientific research at a scope of implementation, manufacturing, application and sales.

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W dniu wczorajszym, tj. 27.10.2020 r., podpisana została umowa, kończąca postępowanie przetargowe prowadzone pod nazwą „Rozbudowa, nadbudowa i dobudowa budynku biurowo- laboratoryjnego dla potrzeb Lotniczego centrum wdrożeń ogniw paliwowych oraz nowoczesnych ceramicznych materiałów konstrukcyjnych wraz z towarzyszącą infrastrukturą techniczną”.

Wykonawca, firma TEXOM Sp. z o.o. z Krakowa na realizację prac budowlanych ma 19 miesięcy.

Inwestycja współfinansowana jest z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego, w ramach wsparcia infrastruktury badawczo-rozwojowej  jednostek naukowych, RPO WP 2014-2020.


Quality System Certificate for compliance with the standard ISO 9001:2015

Institute of Power Engineering
Ceramic Department CEREL
ul. Techniczna 1
36-040 Boguchwała
tel. +48 17 87 11 700
fax. +48 17 87 11 277
Marketing and Trade
tel. +48 17 87 20 175

Supplies and Sales
tel. +48 17 87 20 208
NIP (TIN): 525-00-08-761
REGON: 000020586-00053
National Court Register: 0000088963